Need something specific?  Contact us today to place an order.

Need something specific?
Contact us today to place an order.

Tap Into Craft Beer and Wine

Tap Into Craft Beer and Wine

Browse the widest selection in Lapeer, MI

Looking for the next great flavor? You'll find it at Lapeer Wine & Spirits! Our 5,000-square-foot showroom has beer, liquor and fine wines from all over the world. From your favorite labels to some new discoveries of our own, we stock it all. We've remodeled our store to better showcase our selection, and have updated to include new wine racks and a beer cave.

We've been the go-to resource for alcohol enthusiasts in the Lapeer community for three decades, and have carefully selected our inventory based on years of studying consumer's preferences. We stock hundreds of different liquors, wines and beers, so there's something for everyone behind these doors. Stop by to stock your liquor cabinet today!

Grab a Brew for Your Crew

Share the love in Lapeer, Michigan by sharing a pint or two

There's nothing like sharing a cold one with your buds. Lapeer Wine & Spirits has craft and bottled beer sure to please even the pickiest of pals. We frequently run specials on beers from all across the globe, and take pride in helping clients like you discover new favorites. Be sure to check out our Facebook for the latest beer specials!

Craft beer connoisseurs will love our wide selection. Stop by to sample a flight, or to see what we're stocking in our new beer cave. Have a special request? Don't hesitate to ask! Lapeer Wine & Spirits happily handles special orders and will find the beer you're looking for. Click or call to learn more.

Fine Wines for Every Dime

Something for every wine enthusiast in Lapeer, MI

Lapeer Wine & Spirits has hundreds of wine varieties available! Our quality, unique wine selections cover every country, from Argentinian Malbec to French Champagne. Bottles for every budget are available, and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect blend for your taste buds and wallet. Pick up a bottle or grab a whole case! We're always running specials and discounts so you're guaranteed to find and take home delicious wines without having to break the bank. Come to Lapeer Wine & Spirits to sample our latest inventory! We'll be waiting.


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These beer are limited quantity and are available in kegs only for a short time

16oz: $3.99
32oz: $4.99
64oz: $5.99

Ayinger Oktoberfest
16OZ: $5.99
320Z: $11.49
640Z: $21.99

Old Nation Straw M-43
16OZ: $6.99
320Z: $11.99
640Z: $22.99

Founders French Toast Bastard
16OZ: $7.49
320Z: $13.99
640Z: $26.99

Forbidden Fruit Dragon Fruit Paloma
16OZ: $3.99
320Z: $6.99
640Z: $12.99

Epic Son of a Baptist
16OZ: $4.99
320Z: $9.49
640Z: $17.99

Elk PB & Jaely
16OZ: $3.99
320Z: $6.99
640Z: $12.99

Goose Island 312 Shandy
160Z: $4.99
320Z: $8.49
640Z: $15.99

Kentucky Peppermint Porter
16OZ: $6.49
320Z: $11.99
64OZ: $22.99

Arbor Strawberry Blonde
16OZ: $4.79
32OZ: $8.49
640Z: $15.99

Big Lake Sparti Parti
16OZ: $4.99
320Z: $9.49
640Z: $17.99

Brew Dog Mallow Laser Quest
16OZ: $4.49
32OZ: $7.99
640Z: $14.99

Founders Snowbound
16OZ: $4.99
320Z: $9.49
640Z: $17.99

Northwood's Root Beer
16OZ: $2.99
320Z: $3.99
64OZ: $6.99

Blom Cyser
160Z: $6.49
320Z: $11.99
640Z: $22.99

Brew Detroit Citrus Blonde
160Z: $3.49
320Z: $6.49
640Z: $11.99

Founder's Green Zebra
160Z: $3.99
320Z: $6.99
64OZ: $12.99